Jumpstart Clearwater

Investing in our Community

A Real Estate Development Training Program

Our Mission

The 7 Jumpsteps to Success!

Jumpstart Clearwater empowers local residents to become developers of their own neighborhood through quality, community-focused real estate development.

The training program introduces less experienced developers to the basics of real estate development by providing the following four focus areas:

Training Curriculum

Learn about the seven JumpSteps of Real Estate Development


Get paired with a seasoned developer

Developers Network

Attend Annual Developers' Networking events

Financial Resources

Access to lending options post graduation from the program

Jumpstart Clearwater Program Commercial

What we do

We are seeking experienced or aspiring developers who are community minded and share our interest in the future of North Greenwood, and its adjacent communities. Jumpstarters should be committed to blight removal, creating more quality, affordable housing, and making Clearwater a better place to live, work and enjoy.


  • Create a pipeline of socially conscious, homegrown investors
  • Reduce blight by rehabbing distressed properties
  • Work with city officials and regulations to increase safety, and compliance of rehabilitated properties
  • Build wealth locally
North Greenwood

Our Focus:
North Greenwood

Jumpstart participants should come with a specific project in mind. The community redevelopment area encompasses 840 acres and is bounded roughly by Sunset Point Road to the north, Kings Highway to the east, Palmetto and Jones streets to the south and North Osceola Avenue to the west. If your project is slightly outside of these boundaries, they will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Jumpstart Clearwater was launched to help North Greenwood residents to become developers of their own neighborhood through quality, community-focused real estate development training and financing options. Our program is modeled after the original Jumpstart Program, which was created by Ken Weinstein to facilitate the revitalization of the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia through high quality residential renovations.

We believe increased local developer capacity is the key to scaling development activity and revitalizing communities more rapidly. We see residents of North Greenwood as the best resource for neighborhood revitalization, as many have potential to effect positive change in their neighborhoods. Jumpstart Clearwater can provide aspiring developers with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to rehabilitate key properties, one at a time. In the absence of established real estate developers willing to invest in smaller scale projects, this program will cultivate a force of new local developers who currently reside in North Greenwood or have a commitment to improving our neighborhoods.


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Frequently Asked Questions

All participants accepted into the program are required to attend all 4 sessions to graduate and be paired with a mentor.

Yes, financial resources are provided to those who successfully complete the program.

Classes are two hour sessions during the evening hours beginning at 6pmET.

Click the Apply tab to fill-out an application. Applicants selected will receive notification via email and be provided next steps for enrollment.

“Jumpstart was created to reduce blight and increase investment in our communities. By offering opportunities for local entrepreneurs, we can keep wealth local. With Jumpstart, everyone wins - aspiring developers, longtime residents, and other community partners all benefit from additional investment in their neighborhood.” — Ken Weinstein, President of Philly Office Retail

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